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PRODUCT DETAILS Inokatsu SIG SAUER P229 (Masterpiece Handmade Edition)

Inokatsu SIG SAUER P229 (Masterpiece Handmade Edition)

Product Brand:


Product Code: INO-SIG-P229-LTD
Weight: 1,034 g
Length: 175 mm
Capacity: 24 rds
Power: 330 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
Unit Price: USD$1698.00



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Inokatsu's Limited Sig Sauer P229 Masterpiece Handmade Edition is truly a work of gun-smithing art, everything from the slide to the sights and the grip to the guide rod have been painstakingly replicated from the real 229 (sans the ability to fire bullets), and fully licensed.

The entire construction is exceedingly robust with only minute play between the slide and the frame. The bore alignment sits in place when in battery with the slide fully forward, and the controls are firm but smooth. This is thanks to the extremely tight tolerances afforded by the high quality precision CNC manufacturing process applied to all the essential parts.

Material-wise the Inokatsu Limited Sig Sauer P229 Masterpiece Handcrafted Edition follows the real steel P229 to the most minute of details. The slide, barrel, guide-rod and controls and made from C-50 Blue Steel, lending to the realism and weight of the replica. The frame is milled out of 6061 Aluminum (aircraft grade) with lighter, yet durable properties. Finally the grips are not just real wood (goes without saying), but a select Rosewood, chosen for it's fine grain, hardness, resistance to warping, color and scent.

When it comes to collector's pistols like these, you'll really want to present them nicely. Inokatsu has your back as the Limited Sig Sauer P229 Masterpiece Handcrafted Edition comes enclosed in a beautiful, pristine velvet, wood and perspex display case, complete with a certificate of authenticity marked with your unique serial number.

When it comes to No-Compromise quality at the high end of collectors' replicas, this Inokatsu GBB pistol takes the cake.

- C-50 Blue Steel and 6061 Aluminum Construction
- Rosewood Grips
- Full Size, Accurate Dimensions
- Steel Night-Sights
- Hard Blowback
- Realistic Function and Operation
- Accessory Rail for Flashlights/Lasers

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