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PRODUCT DETAILS TGC SRW SAS 80's Tactical Vest (Nylon Strip / Small) (Clearance)

TGC SRW SAS 80's Tactical Vest (Nylon Strip / Small) (Clearance)

Product Brand: TGC
Product Code: TGC-NSTV-S
Weight: 610 g
Unit Price: USD$120.00
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Seriously old school; back when SWAT style tactics where cutting edge, the British SAS put their close quarter / confined space / urban fighting skills to use around the world.

The vest was a cotton material with heavy suede layer for resistance to heat as their door charges where hot little monsters. For airsoft its not so much an issue but the heavy weave and suede combination makes for a nice compact material that is highly resistant to damage from BB strikes although it will not cushion the impact at all so they will still hurt. Still, one of the snazziest combat vests we have ever seen.