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PRODUCT DETAILS PANTAC Tactical LT* 1961A Band (Khaki, Cordura) (Clearance)

PANTAC Tactical LT* 1961A Band (Khaki, Cordura) (Clearance)

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Product Code: VT-C016-TN-A
Weight: 1,000 g
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This Phantom Tactical Band is based on the original LBT 1961A. It has 4 rifle pouches, any M16, AK, G36, G3 and M14 mags can be put inside. There are two small medical pouches, and you can also store a couple of pistol magazines of 40mm shells. On each side there are multi-purpose pouches for storing a variety of things, from a pistol to communications devices. Adjustable in size.

The vest benefits from being made out of INVISTA 1000D Cordura Nylon, which incredibly durable properties, making this vest more resistant to the usual wear and tear (up to three times more resistant than normal Nylon).

The construction is made to military specifications, which ensures that this product will last a long time, throughout all conditions. The material is resistant to water, and can handle damp environments easily, maintaining its structure.

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