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PRODUCT DETAILS PANTAC FLC Molle Tactical Vest (Cordura / Coyote Brown) (Summer Sale)

PANTAC FLC Molle Tactical Vest (Cordura / Coyote Brown) (Summer Sale)

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Product Code: VT-C951-CB-A
Weight: 680 g
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Webbing type vest with ample MOLLE strapped coverage. The coverage to weight ratio is pretty great; it covers almost as much as a full blown light vest but as it is essentially not much more then heavy webbing with partial fabric padding it is very thin and light weight.

Full vests can look cool and even lighter types look more milspec but lighter vests like these are prised by more veteran players. Anyone who has played Airsoft for a long time knows that the king of tactics is speed and agility. Its vests like these that allow torso movement that heavier ones can restrict.

Made of 1000D Cordura, the material is light weight but incredibly robust; with ITW Nexus & UTX buckles, milspec stitching and seams, it meets the harsh requirements of military grade combat gear. This model is available in the usual Pantac rainbow of colours.