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PRODUCT DETAILS PANTAC Molle RBV Vest (Medium / Ranger Green / CORDURA) (Summer Sale)

PANTAC Molle RBV Vest (Medium / Ranger Green / CORDURA) (Summer Sale)

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Product Code: VT-C959-RG-M
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Fully licensed CORDURA with DuPont Teflon Fabric Protection; a combination of materials and heavy double stitching make PANATC vests some of the most heavy duty hard wearing vest available to Airsofters.

Full torso coverage combat vest; capable of fitting SAPI plates front and back (not included) but largely unnecessary as it features generous amounts of soft padding already. In combination with SAPI plates, center mass shots from even high powered AEGs are unlikely to be felt at all.

The padded shoulder straps are adjustable for length as is the elasticized waist under strap to allow optimal tight fitting on to the torso. The belt section comes open at the rear, the end overlap Velcro down on to a pad with an additional flap Velcro and button secured over the top. Just behind the collar there is a drag handle and this vest does feature the stylings of a military cable-pull rapid disassembly feature.

Copious amounts of MOLLE rigging on the front, back and sides allow for a massive potential of options to fit MOLLE attach pouches and utilities as you see fit. No add on MOLLE pouches are included with the vest but poke around the website to see the large variety we have to offer.

This vest is available in many different colors as are the MOLLE attach pouches we stock so do be sure to have a good look around the website for the coordinated setup you need for you loadout.

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