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PRODUCT DETAILS Milspex Single-Point Bungee Sling (Black)

Milspex Single-Point Bungee Sling (Black)

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Product Code: MSPX-SL01-BK
Weight: 108 g
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Single-point bungee slings are not for everyone but are a choice of many veteran players for good reason. Simply throw it over your neck and shoulder and use the spring loaded claw clasp to attach to the rear sling mount of your primary weapon.

Assuming the weapon is an AR pattern option and the rear sling mount is just behind the receiver and just before the stock tube, this layout is a bare minimum approach to slings. When up and shouldered during use the sling almost completely disappears from your movements but when you lower and release you weapon it hands right over your torso.

When handing from a single point, you need only one hand on it to secure it while traversing tricky terrain. Alternatively, you could just let it hang there as you switch both hands to operating a secondary or back-up weapon. This option is critical when you need to drop it and switch to your sidearm in a hurry.

This quick drop option is made more available thanks to the bungee nature of the sling. With his elasticated nature, it will naturally draw in tight when left loose but can stretch out to accommodate greater length and also acts as a buffer with the weight of the weapon otherwise moving along would it would tug uncomfortably at your neck and shoulder.

This particular model is decent quality but the clasp is polymer instead of the metal found on higher quality options. While the clasp may not be as strong as a metal one it is still solid enough for a decent lifespan of use and makes up for it by being very cheap.

This model is available in different colors too so smart buyers can take advantage of the price, pool their shipping cost, and order one of each color for a very economical buy and add a full set of sling color options to match just about every loadout you could have.

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