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PRODUCT DETAILS Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling - CB

Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling - CB

Product Brand:

Blue Force Gear

Product Code: BFG-VCAS-125-OA-CB
Weight: 170 g
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Unit Price: USD$55.00

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You have to remember that Blue Force Gear is meant for real world applications, built to last, strong enough to keep in place and it has to be reliable. It's a good thing that they're also distributing their products to the airsoft world as it gives us a chance to keep up with the modern warfare gear.

A great example is the Vickers Combat Application Sling. It feels very strong which is something you need for reliability as you wouldn't want that to break while out on a skirmish. The best thing about it is how easily you can give yourself some slack as pulling the tag towards you lengthens the sling and pushing it away tightens it. This makes things so much easier as you don't have to take it off to make adjustments.