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PANTAC X-Force Knee Pad (Black)

Product Brand: PANTAC
Product Code: OT-C532-BK-A
Weight: 280 g
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Unit Price: USD$29.00

Out of Stock


The X-pad system is a contemporary design; minimum size and weight with as much coverage as you need with an improved setup and shape for optimum use. Kneepads have an annoying habit of moving around and while these are not perfect they are certainly a lot better then older and cheaper models.

Composed of high strength polymer and true CORDURA, these are some of the toughest pads available short of full blown military ballistic protected madness. The CORDURA backing is of course free flexible, the polymer pad itself is designed to flex in the middle such that the pad follows the movements of your knee.

A pair of strap adjustable Velcro bands, to be attached either in parallel or cross connected to your preference. Available in a variety of colors so do be sure to poke around the website and have a look to see what?s on show.