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PRODUCT DETAILS TMC Triad Admin Pouch (Ranger Green) (Super Holiday Sale)

TMC Triad Admin Pouch (Ranger Green) (Super Holiday Sale)

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With the intention of affixing via its MOLLE straps onto a MOLLE compatible rigged plate carrier or vest, the now fairly standard issue admin pouch is the perfect little pocket for the miscellaneous errata that needs to be carried, kept easy to access yet does not fall into the category of items that fits into the specialized standard pouches such as magazines, weapons, shells or radios. The admin pouch is a convenient organizer or sorts handy for keeping your little odds and ends in good order.

With most standard admin pouches having one or two pockets, the TMC Triad pouch has 3 pockets. A 13cm x 10cm fully seal-able pouch is enclosed on 3 sides by zip access, this forms the central piece to the admin pouch; useful for small bits that would fall out of other pouches, this pocket can hold things like small tools, loose screws, keys, change or watches. On the pockets outside front, there is a simple flap covered mini pocket which is just about large enough to tuck in things like keys or coins.

With two secondary pouches, one is a pistol magazine pouch capable of taking standard length 45 ACP and 9mm double-stack sized magazines. The third pouch is a clip-strap topped elasticized sided partially open panel pocket; with an adjustable strap top and elasticized sides, this pocket is handy for storing quick-access mid-sized objects of unpredictable size and shape that need to be strapped down (such as a flashlight, cell phone, mini GPS unit, 40mm shell, etc.).

If you have a MOLLE front rigged plate carrier or vest with some space, consider throwing one of these on if you lack such odds-and-ends pouches. Taking things like an extra auxiliary pistol magazine, your cell phone, keys, loose change, tools and a flashlight means that you can carry that much more stuff on you and not have to worry about lugging around bags or having to rely on others. Now you can cruiser around a game even all day with everything safe and secure on you so you can grab that quick drink between rounds or answer that important ringing if you happen to be a brain surgeon on call or just a teenager with an obsessive approach to their social networking.