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TMC Pouch for Dummy GPS FX101

Product Brand: TMC
Product Code: TMC0347
Weight: 40 g
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$9.50

Out of Stock


So you have a shiny new tactical loadout that looks great and you want to hook it up with that tacticool look of adorned pouches but you find your self stuck as to what to put on it besides magazine pouches so naturally you add a few general purpose pouches for other equipment but then you have to start getting creative to fill in blanks with some random flim-flam.

Get your hands on the FX101 Dummy GPS unti from bomber and stick it in this dummy GPS pouch. It attaches to your rig, plays the aesthetic role of a GPS unit well enough to LOOK the part anyway. Sure it does not actually do anything but with that trade off its a great deal cheaper then a real milspec GPS unit and of course you do not habe to worry about the bumps and scratches on your little bundle of plastic and nylon.

The dummy unit slides in and is protected but the transparent polymer sheet allows the GPS unit to be seen through the cover. It attaches via a simple buckled velcro strap which can be worn on the arm, leg or anywhere else you can manage to fit it.

Though technicaly its 'fake' it is still genuine CORDURA making it damn durable, more then good enough to serve as an actual pouch for miscellaneous use as well. Small cell phones, watches, keys, small documents; anything that you want to keep safe tucked away but can be made use of with the easy glance transparent window for a quick peek on the go.

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