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PRODUCT DETAILS James Magllet Pouch (Large / Khaki)

James Magllet Pouch (Large / Khaki)

Product Brand: James
Product Code: JAM041
Weight: 374 g
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$27.00

Out of Stock


Reg $27, Now $16.2 Save $10.8!

Medium size (23 x 15cm) waist strap pouch for general purpose carry. Velcro plate and zip-access interior with ample elasticised straps, pockets and sub-compartments.

For Airsoft use, handy for carrying those odds and ends (extra and pistol magazines, tools, etc) on you waist for when your vest is otherwise occupied or you just need to move things off the torso because you do not want it there, find it restricting or are playing in warm weather.

Of course for non Airsoft use, a high denier nylon fabric pouch like this is extremely hard wearing making it ideal for everyday carry items anywhere from the mountains to the streets.