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PRODUCT DETAILS PANTAC Molle Triple M16 Magazine Pouch (Cordura / Khaki) (Super Holiday Sale)

PANTAC Molle Triple M16 Magazine Pouch (Cordura / Khaki) (Super Holiday Sale)

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Product Code: OT-C756-TN-A
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Simply throw the strap over your head on one shoulder and voila, you have yourself a nice and simple bandoleer pouch. It might not be as secure as MOLLE rigging but it works well enough and it is significantly simpler as it bypasses the need for MOLLE rigging completely. Indeed, it is an ideal solution for carrying magazines without any reliance for a vest of any kind at all.

Its self descriptive title really does sum it up, it is an integrated pouch that has three pouch slots for a total of 2 STANAG AR type magazines. The lids button down instead of Velcro which makes them quieter to use than Velcro as well as longer lasting.

Made of 1000D Cordura, the material is light weight but incredibly robust; with milspec stitching, it meets the harsh requirements of military grade combat gear. This model is available in the usual Pantac rainbow of colors.