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PRODUCT DETAILS PANTAC Molle Mini Utility Pouch (A-TACS / Cordura)

PANTAC Molle Mini Utility Pouch (A-TACS / Cordura)

Product Brand: PANTAC
Product Code: PH-S042-AT-A
Weight: 77 g
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A-TACS, one of the latest and hottest camouflage pattern, brilliantly made its debut at Shotshow 2010, and has already been used on a good number of military stuff, including guns, not to mention combat gears. A-TACS is designed as an answer to flaws in many existing camouflage patterns, it has universal pattern to fit different operational environments, especially bushes. Now, Pantac also release its product in A-TACS pattern, great news for airsofters then.

Here we have a mini utility pouch. Supported by two molle straps on the back, this mini pouch gives a space of around 15cm x 10cm x 5cm to store small items like batteries, BB loaders, or whatever you want; no special compartment inside the pouch, the mini utility pouch is a simple but robust tool you might find handy on the field.

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