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PRODUCT DETAILS Blade-Tech Kydex Mag Pouch for PMAG w/ Tek Lock (Left Hand, Black)(30005)

Blade-Tech Kydex Mag Pouch for PMAG w/ Tek Lock (Left Hand, Black)(30005)

Product Brand: Blade-Tech
Product Code: BLT-3-PMAGTL-BK
Weight: 126 g
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$45.00

Out of Stock


This magazine carrier is perfect for tactical or range work with your M4 / M16 / AR-15. It is specifically molded to fit a Magpul PMag magazine and provides a secure fit yet easy access for tactical reloading. This design has been field proven over and over again in Gunsite's Tactical Carbine Courses.

To be worn with Bullets facing Forward.

A Tek-Lok is a innovative versatile attaching & locking device that can be locked stationary by two retaining locking tabs and can be locked in place permanently by a Perma-clip. The Tek-Lok can be easily removed from a belt by simply pressing both locking tabs together and can accommodate belts widths from 2-1/4 inch to 1-1/4 inch.

The Blade-Tech attachments on holsters and most of their pouches are made to be adjustable, with different cants, different tension settings, etc. Once you set your equipment at your desired setup (cant, tension, or otherwise), use a thread locker to lock-in your setting and this will keep it exactly how you want it!

This Blade-Tech PMag Pouch is designed for Left Handed Users.