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PRODUCT DETAILS Magpul PTS 10th Anniversary Logo Patch (Red/Black)

Magpul PTS 10th Anniversary Logo Patch (Red/Black)

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Magpul PTS

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10 years of innovation and excellence. Magpul has come a long way from the fledgling intent to manufacture an item to improve the speed of tactical magazine changes. Since the introduction of the Magpul in 1999 by former U.S. Reconnaissance Marine Sergeant Richard Fitzpatrick, other tactical accessories have been developed and used widely my both military and law enforcement operators worldwide.

Magpul is one of the few notable companies that focuses on the end user of an item and self-funds its product development outside of normal government solicitations. Magpuls research and development arm, known as Magpul Military Industries (formally known as Magpul Armament Co) is a federally licensed manufacturer of firearms.

Magpul Industries has created weapons such as the Magpul Masada, and the PDR, and has worked extensively on other firearms projects such as the Kriss Super V from Transformational Defense Industries (TDI).

Magpul Industries Corp and its research arm is a privately held corporation in the US with 3 shareholders. All shareholders being US Citizens, whilst two are US military veterans.

The Magpul 10th Anniversary Logo Patch is available in the following colors:

  • OD [MP-LP-XAOD].
  • Desert [MP-LP-XADT].
  • White [MP-LP-XAWH].
  • Red/Black [MP-LP-XARB].
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