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PRODUCT DETAILS James Velcro Ranger Eyes (Type D / Bear / Sand) (Summer Sale)

James Velcro Ranger Eyes (Type D / Bear / Sand) (Summer Sale)

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A series of tiny little patches from James, each purchase comes with two small patches as either 20mm circles or 22mm squares depending on the style. The patches themselves are Velcro backed with polymer surface.

The patches are available in sand or olive drab color with the design on it rendered in night glow white/green. This series is available with different prints as well:

- Type A: Skull and crossbones.
- Type B: Cartoon skull in a spade logo.
- Type C: More savage skull design.
- Type D: Cartoon bear with sniper rifle and skull.
- Type E: Five-fingered clawed animal paw print.
- Type F: Cartoon Rhino with Galil MAR and skull.
- Type G: Cartoon skull.