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PRODUCT DETAILS Magpul PTS iPhone 4G Executive Case (DE)(Clearance)

Magpul PTS iPhone 4G Executive Case (DE)(Clearance)

Product Brand: Magpul PTS
Product Code: MA450850313
Weight: 16 g
Unit Price: USD$9.90
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A semi-flexible polymer shell cover for the Apple iPhone 4G. The design has ports to expose the jacks and camera lens but the buttons are covered with sealed booster tabs that allow them to be used through the cover without exposing them.

The flexible nature of the shell means that despite its rigid form it will take knocks and bumps easily without cracking. The slight ribbing pattern combines with the texture to increased grip in your hand but still glide easily into pockets.

This model is compatible with the iPhone 4G only; there is a different model for the iPhone 3G.

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