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PRODUCT DETAILS Wiley X XCESS POL Emerald Mirror Lens / Gloss Black Frame

Wiley X XCESS POL Emerald Mirror Lens / Gloss Black Frame

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Wiley X

Product Code: SSXCE04
Weight: 40 g
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Endorsed by Skeet Reese, the Bassmaster Classic Angling Champion (and angling fishing champion in the US), Wiley-X's Xcess design of frame features a cool F117 style Nighthawk look for the fighter ninja in you, while showing a little bit of bling with a chrome girder design on the hinges of the frame.

In stark contrast to the gloss black finish on the frame, the yellow Wx symbol emblazoned on the side is to show everyone that you are wearing one of the highest durability pieces of safety hardware in the industry while at the same time looking the part as Wiley-X's reputation for creating a synergy of form and functionality carries true in this pair of stylish safety specs.

Certified ISO 9001:2008, with Wiley-X's High Velocity Protection (HPV (trademark)) and not only meet, but exceed stringent ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI Z80.3 optical standards for superior impact resistance and distortion-free vision. Due to the highest quality standards and excellent durability in the field, Wiley-Xs are utilized by the US Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and many other elite Special Forces Units in action around the world.