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PRODUCT DETAILS Wii Zombie Plastic Mask ( Tan )

Wii Zombie Plastic Mask ( Tan )

Product Brand: Wii
Product Code: TY013-TN
Weight: 148 g
Unit Price: USD$15.70

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Do you ever feel like an ordinary mask is not enough? Maybe you'd like to sneak up on the opposing team and scare the 'living' daylights out of them? This Zombie Mask ticks all the questions above.

It's a gruesome-looking, flesh torn Zombie mask that may excite you as you're sneaking up on people. It covers the bottom half of your face and your years but don't worry, there are gaps in where the nose and mouth are so you can breathe without fogging up your glasses/goggles.

There are two different versions. One with a whiter, paler looking zombie mask and one that looks like that it had just torn up its latest victim. It's up to you which one you'd think reflect your personality best!

It's made of TPU plastic and has a strap that goes over the top of your head to keep it in place!