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PRODUCT DETAILS RWL Airsoft Templar Mask - Black

RWL Airsoft Templar Mask - Black

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One of our favorites, the Templar mask brings medieval battle to the modern world. Authoritative and stylish, it sends your foe running in fear before you even pull the trigger. It is our most popular mask, and for good reason! The finishing looks fantastic and is highly detailed!

These are the best Airsoft masks on the market today. Handmade and hand painted with extra polycarbonate eye protection, these masks can take sustained hits of over 500fps from close range without danger of injury. Built from multiple layers of fiberglass, RWL masks are rugged and durable, and made to last. The paint is certified to be safe and lead-free. Built by the same factory that made the original Takaplupa masks, these RWL masks are the original and best there is. Fully adjustable head-straps with Fit Foam technology for a very comfortable non-slip fit. Don't be fooled by cheap china-made copies that are less durable (do not offer acceptable protection for Airsoft) and painted with god-knows-what paint that has a duller finish. Get this original mask!

-Prescription glasses can be used with this mask
-Great team mask for identification
-Comfortable Fit-Foam (R) cushion pads are located inside the mask
-Spider-type 5-point adjustable strap
-Zero Fogging" mesh design
-Eye area is made out STAINLESS STEEL mesh to prevent BB penetration. Inner polycarbonate lens offers further protection against shrapnel
-Redwolf Labs tested to withstand 500++FPS BBs at Point Blank Range on multiple hits

RWL guarantees this mask to be free of manufacturing defects.

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