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PRODUCT DETAILS TMC Sabertooth Skull Mask (Model E / Black)

TMC Sabertooth Skull Mask (Model E / Black)

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Product Code: TMC0885E-BK
Weight: 40 g
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Unit Price: USD$8.00

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A white skull with elongated fangs (alternate design), printed on durable black fabric.

The triangular pattern of the fabric covers the face from the cheek bones down as such covering the nose, mouth, cheeks and chin as well as the neck. The side corner edges are Velcro lined to fix at the back and the fabric also has two small elasticated loops to secure over the ears to prevent slipping.

Basic fabric over the face is the bare minimum level of face protection short of nothing at all. On the same principle as a t-shirt is better than bare skin, a fabric face mask can take a little bit of sting out of glancing and long range shots. It will not do much for short range, high powered or automatic fired bursts but it is better than nothing. Besides comfort, a key advantage fo fabric masks is that they do not interfere with the cheek weld necessary to should a rifle butt.

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