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TMC Metal Wire Goggle (OD)

Product Brand: TMC
Product Code: TMC1849
Weight: 42 g
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Unit Price: USD$10.55

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let's make things simple. if you want a cheap and simple google just to protect your eye from BBs, nothing else, then just get this one.

no fancy stuff, no lens in between, just a mesh. but of course it has a soft fabric cover along the rim of the steel mesh portion for comfortability. the mesh itself is plastic coated so as to resist weather and rusting.

unlike regular solid goggles, the absence of the lens actually does a good job for ventilation: for sure it would not fog your eyes. mesh goggle offers one of the cheapest eye protection options in airsoft and offer advantages with ventilation, but are otherwise not very suited for longer range use or when protection from environmental debris is a factor. when playing at shorter range and indoors with lower powered weapons however, it can offer a very suitable option without hurting the wallet.

the front plastics frame is around 20cm in length (longest distance), the length of the band is adjustable, around 45cm at most.

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