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PRODUCT DETAILS TMC Ancient Greece Figther Airsoft Face Protector (BK)

TMC Ancient Greece Figther Airsoft Face Protector (BK)

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Product Code: TMC1897-BK
Weight: 180 g
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Frankly we have to question the practicality of this Greek design which leaves much of your mouth unprotected. But just like Ancient Warriors of Greece, this mask emulates that same Spartan style of design. You can take the form of a true Gladiator!

But if you do use this mask, do remember that this is mostly for aesthetic design and you need to get separate googles to protect your eyes.

Made out of flexible nylon, the biggest bonus of this mask is that you can easily press your cheek down on your rifles cheek rest and aim down the sight, which would be impossible to do with other bulky masks!