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PRODUCT DETAILS Pantac Hydration Backpack for RRV Vest (MC)

Pantac Hydration Backpack for RRV Vest (MC)

Product Brand: PANTAC
Product Code: PK-N712-MC-A
Weight: 1,140 g
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$108.36

Out of Stock


A 2 liter hydration backpack from Pantac, using MOLLE platform as the material. It is the same as the Pantac MBSS Hydration Backpack Full Set, but adding one more feature of able to attach to the RRV system. (click to see image)

Can also be used individually, or attached to the Pantac MBSS Plate Carrier (VT-C019-CB-M).

A 2 liter hydration bag is included.

* The RRV front vest is not included.

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