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PRODUCT DETAILS Emerson MICH Helmet 2000 w/ Rhine Night Vision Arms (OD)

Emerson MICH Helmet 2000 w/ Rhine Night Vision Arms (OD)

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Product Code: BD5645
Weight: 806 g
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Modern style combat helmet; hard and strong polymer one-piece shell, extensive internal padding and padded straps both for stability and comfort. Newer style helmet straps offer more multi-directional securing and padded at the rear to brace against the chin and throat straps.

Comes with a Rhine style nightvision mount; to be used in conjunction with nightvision units (real or fake) or just on its own to add a little flavor to the helmets look. The full metal unit is secure and strong to the point that it looks very realistic. The helmet Available in different versions, the helmet shell comes in different colors including Black, Olive Drab and Tan.

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