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PRODUCT DETAILS Wiley X CAG-1 Gloves (Small / Coyote Brown) (FREE SHIPPING) (Clearance)

Wiley X CAG-1 Gloves (Small / Coyote Brown) (FREE SHIPPING) (Clearance)

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Wiley X

Product Code: WLX-G231SM
Weight: 124 g
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Wiley X, Inc., a leading provider of protective eyewear systems for the U.S. Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines, has now focused its attention on protecting another vital part of warfighter anatomy. The result - the new Wiley X Hybrid Glove - hands down the most advanced, high-tech protective hand wear available in the world.

The new, 2nd generation Wiley-X CAG-1 gloves provide superior hand protection without compromising control and finger dexterity. The unique blend of 80% Nomex, 20% Kevlar weave offers excellent FR (flame resistance). The Wiley X patent pending thermo-formed knuckle protector and FR treated goat leather combination make this one of the most durable combat / tactical gloves ever produced. These gloves are a case of you get what you pay for. If you want the best possible protection for your hands while maintaining good "feel of touch" then this is the glove for you. No expense is spared in the pursuit of making the best glove possible at Wiley-X!