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PRODUCT DETAILS TMC Velcro Baseball Cap - Highland

TMC Velcro Baseball Cap - Highland

Product Brand: TMC
Product Code: TMC2113
Weight: 54 g
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Unit Price: USD$8.00

Out of Stock


One more member from the AOR camouflage family. light, comfortable baseball cap with velcro.

Soft and thin, but yet still strong. camo in aor1 pattern means fashion in everyday life. main feature are the three velcros on the surface: front, top, and back. what does that mean? that means, you can stick a patch on your forehead, a rifle carry bag on your crown, a magazine pou.....

ok, anyway, just use your imagination and create your own cap

Roughly 60 cm circumference, but size adjustable thanks to the velcro strap at the back. strap around 7.5cm in length