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PRODUCT DETAILS MSM CG-Hat Deluxe (S/M / Loden Green)

MSM CG-Hat Deluxe (S/M / Loden Green)

Product Brand:

Milspec Monkey (MSM)

Product Code: MM700137334
Weight: 114 g
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Unit Price: USD$33.00

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A built in flexible rim makes this cap a snug fit for a range of sizes but is available in different base sizes anyway as well as colors.

On each side, tucked away neatly in a pocket, is a tethered ear plug. They can be pulled down and placed in each ear independently and then removed and returned with a simple touch of a button. Earplugs are a bit overkill for Airsoft but as an export-only item they make a welcome addition for a day on the range shooting real steel.

A neat baseball cap with earplugs you can not loose, the cap also has Velcro pads on the front, back and sides for adding your own aftermarket accoutrements (not included).

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