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PRODUCT DETAILS Emerson Combat Gen3 Shirt & Pants & Elbow Knee Pads (MC / XL Size)

Emerson Combat Gen3 Shirt & Pants & Elbow Knee Pads (MC / XL Size)

Product Brand: Emerson
Product Code: EME25-XL
Weight: 1,200 g
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Unit Price: USD$85.00

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Military style combat uniform in ripstop type fabric in the MC pattern. The shirt is the under-vest type with a plain colored thinner, lighter material around the bulk of the torso for increased comfort under a plate carrier but regular camo material around the sleeves, shoulder and collar to complete the camo coverage that remains exposed.

The pants are military cargo style with copious amounts of pockets that are also rather large and in some cases angled for ease of use. The uniform has built-in pads on the elbows and knees which means you do not have to worry about separate ones.

MC is a somewhat debated camo as it is not perfect but it is arguable a multi-environment compatible camo. While is does best in arid, desert type environments it is not as good as true desert patterns. That said, it is better than dessert patterns in green environments and better then most green patterns in arid environments.

MC is generally regarded as an aesthetically pleasing camo type having a reputation that associated with special elite forces thanks to its use in video games and the Transformers (2007) movie. One of the most advantageous yet understated factors with MC is that it is not currently used by any military (yet) and is thus not associated with any country or unit in particular. It is also a common pattern which is easy to find matching equipment for, both clothing as much as weapon parts.

This set of clothing includes the shirt and pants with built in pads, we offer it in three size options; the measurements can be found in the chart below:

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