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PRODUCT DETAILS ARTS Airsoft Ghillie Tracker Poncho (Natural Tan) (M Size) (Clearance)

ARTS Airsoft Ghillie Tracker Poncho (Natural Tan) (M Size) (Clearance)

Product Brand: ARTS Airsoft
Product Code: GS-002NT(M)
Weight: 1,224 g
Unit Price: USD$74.00
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This can cover top half of the body and leaving the legs part that won't affect your running, moving, stalking and kneeling.

Size M: 5'5" ~ 5'8"
Size L: 5'8" ~ 6'2"

The material is hemp fabric which is very light and comes with both natural tan and lime green color. A netting design with 2 buckles is easy to use.

It can covers from the head and torso in the front and back. With 2 long sleeves for your arms can even covers your weapon.