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PRODUCT DETAILS Pantac Tactical Pistol Carry Bag (Black/Cordura)

Pantac Tactical Pistol Carry Bag (Black/Cordura)

Product Brand: PANTAC
Product Code: GB-C526-BK-A
Weight: 700 g
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Unit Price: USD$39.99

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This Tactical Pistol Carry Bag from Phantom is an ideal way of transporting your pistol and accessories. It looks just like a laptop bag, but on the inside there are several removable pockets and pouches, which can be re-configured to individual preferences.

There is a double mag pouch, which can hold two pistol mags in each one; a baton pouch; a couple of multi-purpose pouches and a place to put your pistol. This is a high quality product, made from Cordura Nylon and with UTX clips. Shoulder strap is removable.

Also, as well as looking like a laptop bag, it can also be used as a laptop bag thanks to the removable pouches. Internal dimensions are 14" long x 9" wide x 2" deep.

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