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PRODUCT DETAILS Marushin M1892 Randall (DX Gold) - 6mm BB

Marushin M1892 Randall (DX Gold) - 6mm BB

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Product Code: MRUS-4920136146464
Weight: 2,624 g
Length: 950 mm
Capacity: 24 rds
Power: 340 fps
Power Source:
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$454.00

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Historically, it was the 1873 that was the rifle that won the west, the 1892 did not come out till after the times of the wild frontier. That said, the 1892 used a smaller, cheaper cartridge would made it a superior choice for the cowboy movies of the 30s and 40s which resulted in a whole genre of media revolving around a "cowboy classic" that was not *actually* used in the wild west. Most notably, John Wayne himself carried a '92 in countless movies.

The Randall is also known as the "Mare's Leg" (aka Mare's Laig) was the name given to a customized shortened rifle by Steve McQueen's character on the television series Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958?1961). McQueen's character was named Josh Randall, and the gun has been referred to as a Winchester Randall, or a Randall Special ever since.

It is full size and identical layout to the original but at 1.8kg is is lighter then the real thing but still feels solid in the hands thanks to the real wood and aluminium barrel and body. It really feels like a full sized rifle albeit a slim and good weight but still fairly light one. Definitley a nice companion rifle for the indoor / CQB cowboy loadout.

In case it was not obvious, this is a lever-action rifle. Whether you associate it with the wild west or Arnies T-101, there is simply no doubt that the lever-action pattern weapon has a flavor so unique it is practically an institution unto itself. It has the suave old world charm of bolt action, dramatic impact of a wild west gun slinger and the quick firing action of something turn of the century.

It feeds BBs directly into the weapon, they go into the loading gate on the body just like the real thing (though obviously shrunk down for the 6mm BBs instead of the larger real cartridges). It has a 24 BB capacity and clocks in at about 300-330 FPS. The adjustable hop-up and nice long barrel give it pretty great range and accuracy for a gas weapon of this type, definitely a great choice for nailing longer shots down corridors in those awkward mid-range-CQC shots.

Available in a flashier silver model or more serious black, either way they are handsome weapons that make great wall candy which also happen to do perfectly well as highly themed CQB rifles. Now when that assault team bursts in shouting GO GO GO you can reply GIT AWF MAH LAND.