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PRODUCT DETAILS Sanyo 8.4v 600mah Battery (NiCd) - Small Mini Type (Clearance)

Sanyo 8.4v 600mah Battery (NiCd) - Small Mini Type (Clearance)

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Small type 8.4v battery for M4A1, MP5 A5/SD6, MC51, CAR15, AUG, PSG-1, P90, G3 SAS. Note that standard small batteries are not powerful enough to drive any kind of power upgrades. For those of you wanting to upgrade your AEG weapons to a higher spring rate, you must use at least a Large type 8.4v battery to drive the stronger spring. Stick type and small type batteries can only be used on stock unmodified weapons.

Length 107mm; Width 34mm; Height 19mm

These are rechargeable batteries and you will need a Charger and Discharger to use these batteries. You can also opt for an Intellicharger which has a built in charger and discharger. Remember you need to discharge these batteries COMPLETELY before rech

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