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PRODUCT DETAILS Maruzen APS2 0.29g BBs (500rd)

Maruzen APS2 0.29g BBs (500rd)

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Product Code: MRZ-APS029BB
Weight: 150 g
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Perfect for highly upgraded APS2 and M40A1 sniper rifles for precision shooting. Extremely round and precise 6mm 0.29g BBs for the discerning shooter who wishes to attain high accuracy. Heavier BBs means greater resistance to wind and greater punch on impact. 500 rounds per box. Best used in sniper rifles with precision barrels. We strongly recoomend to use these high quality bbs with PDI 05 / 01 precision barrel series to increase the performance of your AEGs / Sniper Rifles.

Get a BB bottle to store these precious BBs to avoid losing them or spilling them in the heat of battle. BB bottles also make reloading much easier!

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