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PRODUCT DETAILS IASUS Sniper Magnesium PTT with Tiger Clip (Summer Sale)

IASUS Sniper Magnesium PTT with Tiger Clip (Summer Sale)

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Product Code: IASNP-PTT
Length: 600 mm
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A PTT (push to talk) module for use with IASUS headsets, a fantastic choice for use with IASUS throat mics. Magnesium construction means it's super strong while super light for rugged duty.

The tiger clip is a strong spring-loaded clip that attaches to lapels and clothing; it has on it a Velcro pad. The PTT unit is Velcro backed, in combination with the tiger clip it makes for a very adaptable attachment option.

The coiled wire is already a good 60cm long but if fully expand the coil can easily do190cm so its not like you will suffer a shortage of cable.

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