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PRODUCT DETAILS Devgru Operator Throat Mic (KW)

Devgru Operator Throat Mic (KW)

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The Devgru Operator, like the Frogman, is a high-quality bit of kit, that comprises of the superior standard materials and electronics. The complete product is a robust, heavy duty, piece of equipment and provides excellent quality radio communications.

The Operator Throat Mic has a slim profile to allow it to be used discretely and comfortably. The actual throat mics are attached to an adjustable elasticated neck band andi is secured in place by a secure clip. The PTT (Push-to-Talk) switch is waterproof to ensure reliabillity even in wet conditions, and the ergonomic ear-piece provides excellent quality audio. The transluscent ear-piece and cable are unobtrusive and the ear-piece is specially designed to fit into the ear opening to prevent loss of sound.

We tried this throat mic out, and the performance was excellent. It proves to be comfortable even throughout prolonged use. The audio quality is good too, with no crackles or loss in audio quality when connecting or disconnecting. In the package, two velcro clips are included to attach the PTT button to. One is a MOLLE clip the other a Clothing Clipper.

This headset has a quick-detachable 'Hirose' 4-Pin connector. For the Multi Version, you need to purchase a Devgru Radio connector (Kenwood adaptor only).

You will require a Radio Connector to use this Devgru Kenwood Headset. This is the Radio connector that you will need:

For Kenwood radios only

Take a look here for an adaptor diagram, to help you choose the right one for you.

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