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PRODUCT DETAILS Cavalvy Tactical SWAT Round PTT (I-COM) (Super Holiday Sale)

Cavalvy Tactical SWAT Round PTT (I-COM) (Super Holiday Sale)

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The Cavalvy Standalone PTT set is designed specifically for use with the Cavalvy Head Set (Sold Separately) and features thick robust coiled cables. The PTT itself is extremely rugged whilst the PTT button sits inside the protective hard casing. Simply clip the PTT to your MOLLE rigging on anywhere else for that matter and plug it into your Cavalvy headset, and your Radio (Not Included) and you are good to go!

The Standalone PTT can also be used with the Cavalvy TASC Tactical Headset and the Cavalvy Elite II Headset!

Suitable for use with I-COM Radios:
IC-F3 / IC-F3G / IC-F3GS / IC-F3S / IC-F4 / IC-F4G / IC-F4GS / IC-F4S / IC-F11 / IC-F21 / IC-F31 / IC-H2 / IC-H6 / IC-J12 / IC-M5 / ICU12 / IC-U16 / IA-A5(Yaesu CT-44 conector) / IC-Q7(Yaesu CT-44 Connector)?

HX24 / HX32 / HX482 / HX583 / C150 / C160 / C450 / C460?

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