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PRODUCT DETAILS Hephaestus Dummy Suppressor for HTS-14

Hephaestus Dummy Suppressor for HTS-14

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Product Code: HE-HTS14-002
Length: 265 mm
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There are meant to be different versions of the HTS-14, one of which is with a suppressor. This Hephaestus Dummy Suppressor is made specifically for the Hephaestus HTS-14 and it's very unique.

It comes with a alternative flash hider which is user to attach this suppressor. The suppressor itself is CNC machined steel construction making it incredibly heavy, with a abrasion-resistant black finishing.

What's so unique about it is that you can split the suppressor in half by unscrewing the top from the bottom. Inside is space for a Marui-spec Tracer Units so long as it is:

  • 14mm- (anti-clockwise thread)
  • Diameter (max) : 37mm
  • Length (max) : 200mm

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