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PRODUCT DETAILS Action M4 MPX 35 x 200mm (CCW)

Action M4 MPX 35 x 200mm (CCW)

Product Brand: Action
Product Code: A-SI-103S
Length: 200 mm
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$45.00

Out of Stock


Action Airsoft has released another nice standard 14mm CCW silencer for KSC MP9/TP9, this time it comes with the QD flash hider. AEG/GBB silencers do not actually reduce the amount of noise emitted by the exhaustive system or gears interactions, but adding realism to your rifles. Although these silencers are only delivering cometic effect, they can be used to conceal longer inner barrels.

Silencers come in a broad variety of styles, this one is having no markings so you can design your own on it (engraving techniques and equipments required), sounds like life is under your control?

If your weapon does not have CCW threading then you can always look into getting an adapter.