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PRODUCT DETAILS SAT Gas 5 Cartridge Set Only for Socom Gear M200 (For 8MM BBs Only)

SAT Gas 5 Cartridge Set Only for Socom Gear M200 (For 8MM BBs Only)

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Product Code: SAT-M200-SHELL
Length: 80 mm
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Before buying this, make sure you buy the SAT Gas Cartridges & Bolt Modification Kit Socom Gear M200 (For 8mm BB) first as you need the modification first or else you'll break the gun! 5 Metallic Gas Cartridges made by SAT designed to be used TOGETHER with the SAT modified firing pin bolt (see RELATED PRODUCTS section). These shells are designed to hold compressed gas within, and once the rear valve on the shells is struck by a firing pin, the gas is released forward onto the 8mm BB loaded in the tip of the shell. Realistically simulates that of a real firing pin operated rifle. These shells only work in a SOCOM GEAR M200 rifle that has a modified bolt with firing pin. Each shell holds 8mm BBs and only them!

Please check local law regarding power before modifying your M200 and using these shells inside a SOCOM GEAR M200.

NOT for sale in Hong Kong or Japan.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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