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PRODUCT DETAILS Madbull XM995 Rocket Launcher Shell (Summer Sale)

Madbull XM995 Rocket Launcher Shell (Summer Sale)

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Really cool shell that is designed to fire foam rockets for a distance of well over 50 feet (the first 30 feet is practically a straight line flight). This all metal XM995 shells uses the MADBULL foam Rocket Cartridge (known as the "Tank Killer"). You must purchase the foam rockets separately (Sold in packs of 4)
For best effects, use TOP GAS for long distance shooting! HFC134a is a bit weak and does not propel the rocket far enough for any threat!
Effective range (straight line target): 30 ft.
Max range: 50 ft.
Use Madbull Grenade XM995 Rocket Foam Shell (4 pcs) with this unit only!

You can even make a handy streamer for foam rocket. It certainly improves the rocket aerodynamic, fly deadly straight! Click here for detail.

Packs of 4 rockets sold separately in this section (ACCESSORIES / SHELLS)
Madbull 4-Pack Foam Rocket for XM995

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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