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PRODUCT DETAILS Hakkotsu Thunder Shocker package for 3pcs (Shell with main core) (Clearance)

Hakkotsu Thunder Shocker package for 3pcs (Shell with main core) (Clearance)

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Product Code: TB-05
Length: 120 mm
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The Thunder Shocks Grenade is the first booby trap grenade that Hakkotsu has ever made and can be used to scare the hell out of and make a fool of your friends!

This Thunder Shocks Grenade comes with special pins and wires and the main striker unit is fully compatible with all existing Thunder B Grenades.

How to use it:
  • Pull the hammer all the way down
  • Insert the safety pin
  • Insert the trigger pin to lock to trigger hammer
  • Screw the end cap to cylinder
  • Insert 12g disposable gas into cylinder cover
  • Push the rubber fixer into the cylinder cover
  • Screw the cylinder cover to the installed striker head
  • Screw the whole part into the Thunder Shocker Shell
  • The Line on the shell indicates the explosive direction
  • BANG!

    *WARNING* These can only be used once!

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