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PRODUCT DETAILS Hakkotsu Cylinder style shell (12pcs/pack)

Hakkotsu Cylinder style shell (12pcs/pack)

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Product Code: TB-S-02
Length: 125 mm
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The Thunder B can be attached to any tactical vest. It's colour, shape, operations and handling are very similar to the real grenade used by military forces around the world which make it incredibly fun to use!

The Thunder B generates a noise level of 130db which is as load as a jackhammer or a plane flying overhead so do be careful as the noise may be a little louder than you anticipate.

Here are the directions on how to use it:
  • Pull the hammer all the way down
  • Insert the safety pin
  • Insert the trigger pin to lock to trigger hammer
  • Screw the end cap to cylinder
  • Insert 12g disposable gas into cylinder cover
  • Push the rubber fixer into the cylinder cover
  • Screw the cylinder cover to the installed striker head
  • Screw the whole part into the Thunder Shocker Shell
  • The Line on the shell indicates the explosive direction
  • BANG!

    *WARNING* These can only be used once!

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