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PRODUCT DETAILS Guns Modify Tritium Sight (Marui 226)

Guns Modify Tritium Sight (Marui 226)

Product Brand: Guns Modify
Product Code: GUM-TNS-MP226
Length: 20 mm
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Unit Price: USD$77.00

Out of Stock


Real Tritium night sight for the Tokyo Marui Model 226 gas blowback pistol.

Yes, this is actually a real Tritium capsule product. Imported from Switzerland, the Tritium sealed capsules are installed into this product to give it a permanent low-level glow for 10-20 years. Nine Ball combines the technology with their high quality housing to form a premium night sight option for the Marui Model 226.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen with a half-life of 12.32 years; that means the sight will loose roughly 50% of its starting brightness in about 12 years then in the next 12 it will be down to 25% and halving so on every 12 years.

As an alpha and low level beta emitter there is simply no health risk unless you removes the capsule, break it open and ingest the contents. Otherwise, the basic radiation emission of this product is on par if not lower then the natural background radiation present in a natural environment. This means that for all intents and purposes this product is inert.

Previously, this option was only available to the select few pistols that can install the real steel sights but now Guns Modify gives us a series designed for a variety of common Airsoft base model gas pistols. Now your Airsoft sidearm can get in on the permanent glow fun!

This model comes with a front and rear sights and the screws necessary for mounting.