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PRODUCT DETAILS Optronics Precision Metal Tri Rail Red Dot Sight (Clearance)

Optronics Precision Metal Tri Rail Red Dot Sight (Clearance)

Product Brand: Optronics
Product Code: OP13
Length: 143 mm
Unit Price: USD$48.00
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An all-metal housing zero magnification red dot sight; adjustable for elevation / drop and windage. The design emulates the ELCAN ATos but only externally; functionally it is just a red dot.

Bolted on both sides and the, the three standard accessory rails offer additional real estate for further assisting devices like lasers. The scope makes use of an ACOG style mount with the bolt-on rail attach bracket.

The scope also has a kill flash installed on the front of the scope; in Airsoft it can still function to reduce position-revealing glare but more significantly is also functions as a BB guard to prevent the occasional lucky shot from smashing your front lens.

Powered by a single CR123A battery, one is included with the scope.

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