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PRODUCT DETAILS G&P 30mm Mount (Sand)

G&P 30mm Mount (Sand)

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Product Code: GP-MOT007
Length: 55 mm
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Aluminium scope mount rings designed to accommodate the attachment of a 30mm diameter optic onto a standard accessory rail. This product includes two such scope rings to accommodate longer sights.

The standard type scope ring is a slimmer 15mm long and bolts closed with 4x hex screws on the top.

The wide type scope ring is a longer 25mm to help accommodate longer scopes with a wider contact point and bolts shut with 6x hex screws on the top. The design is longer overall which makes it bigger, heavier, sturdier, tougher and generally more forgiving of wear and tear at the cost of weight and size.

Both rings mount the scope (not included) center ling approximately 35mm above the rail surface.

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