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PRODUCT DETAILS Raven (PDI) Cylinder Set (Tokyo Marui L96 / New Trigger) (Summer Sale)

Raven (PDI) Cylinder Set (Tokyo Marui L96 / New Trigger) (Summer Sale)

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Product Code: RAVEN-648082
Length: 240 mm
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Raven cylinder, Raven tapered cylinder head, Raven piston and Raven spring guide in one convenient set. This particular assembly is for the Tokyo Marui L96 (with the new trigger) spring bolt action rifle.

Raven (PDI) is a top premium line of products; if you are modifying your weapon for top performance, Raven is a good choice. Besides being smooth, reliable and robust the tapered head also smooths out the air flow which improves shot-to-shot consistency even further than an already well sealed setup.