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PRODUCT DETAILS PDI Precision Palsonite Cylinder Set VC for VSR-10

PDI Precision Palsonite Cylinder Set VC for VSR-10

Product Brand: PDI
Product Code: PDI-4560249645746
Length: 0 mm
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Unit Price: USD$271.82

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By installing this PDI precision Palsonite cylinder set, you would be effectively increasing your VSR-10s performance level whilst maintaining a smooth action when cocking your rifle. Set includes:
  • Precision Palsonite Cylinder.
  • Tapered Cylinder Head +.
  • VC Piston.
  • Spring Guide for VC Piston.
  • Please use a 22mm bore-diameter spring (Spring Not Included).
    For a more detailed description of the PDI Precision Palsonite Cylinder Set VC, please click here.

    Please note that all aftermarket products may require professional installation. For increased compatibility, please use consistent aftermarket branded parts, or consult your local gunsmith.