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PRODUCT DETAILS Laylax PSSL96 High Pressure Piston for Tokyo Marui L96

Laylax PSSL96 High Pressure Piston for Tokyo Marui L96

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Product Code: LL-4560282768488
Length: 90 mm
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The TM L96 comes out of the box at standard Japanese power, often this is insufficient for the longer range sites in other countries. For most, upgrading the power of your L96 AWS is of the utmost priority so installation of a high power spring is a must. The standard TM piston is of fine quality but optimized for the lower tolerance of standard Japanese power.

When changing to a higher power, a higher tolerance piston is almost critical. Stumbling along with a stock spring is ok but air leaks are a common issue and there is just no telling how long it will last on a spring it was never intended for.

This High Pressure L96 AWS Piston from Laylax is by no means some otherwise overlooked nice but inconsequential modification, but instead an incredibly useful piece of hardware. This high pressure piston can handle stronger springs without so much as a hiccup, With pressure tolerance reducing possibility of leakage to less than the force of a butterfly sneeze.

Where the stock piston does mediocre, the Laylax High Pressure Piston flourishes.

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