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PRODUCT DETAILS MIC TRX Extreme Aluminum Rail (7.2 Inch)

MIC TRX Extreme Aluminum Rail (7.2 Inch)

Product Brand: MIC
Product Code: MIC009-72
Length: 184 mm
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$72.00

Out of Stock


TRY Receiver Extension (TRX) Extreme rails are a one-piece free-floating rail system (for AR / M4 type weapons) designed for secure, stable installation. With the TRX Extreme you will be getting a solid, one-piece rail milled from high grade aluminum and anodized in a tough finish for high durability and a long working life.

We carry the different length models including the 7.2, 7.6, 9 and 11 inch versions so you can tailor fit your exact preference for your specific custom AR carbine build. Its striking appearance makes for night photo ops but those boldly large voids also help to reduce weight.

This rail front end system comes with A front end with integrated top rail, two short and one medium length rails with attaching screws and all necessary attachment bracket and pieces needed to install this onto your M4 based weapon.